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Covid Screening

We are now able to offer both Antigen (New Infection) and Antibody (Old Infection/Immunity) screening using on Site test kits with results in 10-15 minutes

Our Services

COVID Antigen Testing

Nasal Swab Sample

Using a nasal swab that only uses the nostrils and not any further back we can safely and quickly take a sample that is then added to a buffer soluiton and placed on a Lateral Flow test cassette giving a definitive answer within 10 mins.

Our test is CE marked and has been evaluated by a number of laboratories including a team from Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.

The lab test showed 99.8% specificity. This means that among 1000 people who have COVID-19, 999 will correctly get a positive result.

The test identified 98.9% of positive cases against a PCR Lab test.


COVID Antibody Testing (IgM/IgG)

COVID Sample

Using a small finger prick sample of blood we can test for both types of antigen response with results being supplied in 15 mins using our Lateral Flow test cassetts

The test separately detects Immunoglobulin G (IgG) and Immunoglobulin M (IgM), so that you can tell the difference between current and past COVID-19 infection. From the point of infection, the first marker to appear in your blood is IgM, followed by IgG. This immune response enables us to test for infection specifically from COVID-19.

In terms of Government approval, we understand that some kits may have been initially rejected, however our kits are being manufactured by one of China’s largest Biotech companies and are not only both CE & TUV approved, but as of 18th March 2020 were accepted and registered by the UK Government Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) under reference IVD001117 and certified as such

The Coronavirus Screening Test clinical performance has been independently verified as follows: 


Sensitivity: IgG 100%, IgM 95.5% 

Specificity: IgG 98%, IgM 100% 

Overall Accuracy: IgG 98.7%, IgM 98.6%


Why you should be using us


Our staff have been on the front line of COVID since the pandemic started, we are constantly updated on the latest understanding of transmission and detrection from Public Health England.

We have the backing of a Medical Director who is both pre hospital and also a GP

We won't let you down - when we confirm a booking we guarantee to turn up so you can concentrate on organising your event.

We use the right people for the job, the person coming to perform the testing has been trained, assessed and is a medical professional.