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Event Medical Cover

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 Our 2 Landrover ambulances working hard Judo comp Off Road Ambulance Cover Our 4x4  off road Ambulance Ambulance Cover for Events

We know how hard it is to organise an event, so much to think about and so many contractors to commission and keep tabs on.

With our many years in the industry we can help guide you through the process and have a range of experts who we can recommend to help with the more formal requirements.

Founder Wayne Sturt, With over 30 years in the medical services industry has covered a wide range of events from village fetes to large music festivals. All this experience and expertise is yours when you ask us to provide cover for your event.

We offer full medical support for any event large or small, and have a bank of over 50 experienced medics from First Aider to State Registered Paramedic. Midwives, Nurses and Doctors to ensure you get the correct level of cover.

When asking for us to quote to provide cover, please bear in mind we are not a charity and we do not have a volunteer work force, as such we can never compete on price with the organisations that run on volunteer staff or fail to have the correct insurance and trained staff.

However we do guarantee to turn up with the cover we say we will provide. So you can sleep easy knowing you have one tick on your event planning sheet!

Our prices are fair and industry standard. They reflect our professionalism and our base line costs putting our staff on the road (training, PPE, equipment, servicing, uniform, fuel, administration, insurance etc)

Beware of low prices from some providers, what may seem like a lower price may be much higher once all the 'add on' costs are considered. (Things charged for like travel time, fuel charges, cost for equipment used, set up time, pack down time, meal allowance, laundry fee, costs to transport patients) We never charge for any of these things, you can safely budget with our cover.

For private functions or special occasions we are able to offer blend in uniform (Black tie etc) for a small additional charge, this can be useful for charity functions or corporate events where you don't want to have your medical cover standing out like a neon sign.

All our staff are fully qualified in the role they perform, we will never risk client safety by putting unqualified staff into an event or on one of our vehicles just to make up the numbers. You can rest assured that the crew in the ambulance are fully qualified and experienced. Our staff always wear company uniform as standard and carry photo ID, your public image will be enhanced with a uniformed professional company working along side you.

Should you not have a base for us to work from we are able to provide our own medical centres and can kit them out as required from minor injuries to field hospital. Saving you the cost of hiring additional equipment

As a company we are fully covered by medical indemnity insurance, all vehicles are licensed / insured to use their blue lights and sirens and staff trained and able to use them! Some companies do not have blue light cover or trained staff.

Should the venue be large or multi-site we can supply our own 2 way radio communication between medics and also our ambulance vehicles, in some instances we can program our radios to your frequencies - Saving you the need to hire extra resources just for us.

Please contact us for no obligation advice on the level of event cover that may be required as per the Purple and Green guides to public events.

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The Home Office has issued a guidance booklet for event organisers, to see a copy (PDF) please click here

Some of our more recent work/clients include


  •     'The Music Park' Stanmer Park

  •     'Its Magic' concerts

  •     Black Pride 2010

  •     The Big Church Day Out

  •     Pride 2010 (Brighton)


  •     National Judo competitions

  •     Ultra events (Boxing/MMA)

  •    Queensbury Boxing

  •    Fusion MMA

  •    Oxfam Trail Walker

  •    Hedgehog Tri

  •    Tour of Sussex (Mens & Womens)


  •     Area 10 Hunter Trials qualifier

  •     Endurance GB

  •     Hurtwood Park Polo

  •     Crawley and Horsham Hunt Fun Rides

  •     Sandhurst Draghunt Rides

  •    The Hedgehogs Fun Ride


  •     Mithril Racing Ltd (off road team building events)

  •     Bloomberg Children's Party

  •     Fire Service Benevolent Fund Proms Eve

  •     Outdoor Film Screenings

  •     UKIP National Conference

  •     Preferred supplier to Troxy London

  •     Virgin Atlantic