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About East Sussex Medical Events Service

Owner Wayne Sturt took over the running of the company in 2009 after the original owner decided to sell, and we originally provided quality First Aid training to a few large UK companies and the local businesses of Brighton and Hove along with ambulance cover for many equestrian events across the South of England

Over 30 years in the industry sees us being a medical services company to a wide range of events as well as supporting both local and national industry partners with rescources and advice.

Key staff are trained to some of the gold standard life support courses including

Advanced traumatic life support (ATLS),
Pre-hospital trauma life support (PHTLS),
Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC)

They are supported by some fabulous emergency medical technicians, first person on scene trained individuals and first aiders. Staff come from a variety of backgrounds including NHS, military and have a plethora of clinical acumen and skills just waiting to be applied if needed. We supply healthcare professionals to your event who actively work on the front lines and are therefore up to date with the latest procedures, patient safety issues and clinical treatments. Staff also have 24hr access to our medical director who can provide clinical support and advice. 

Equestrian - we have very experienced staff who understand the trauma and injury patterns that can be sustained during falls off horses with our expertise, equipment and off road capable fleet we can treat, package and deliver your riders to hospital in a safe, quick manner negating the need for emergency services to be called to the event and also with minimal disruption to the event. Don't just hire any medical cover for your pony club, point to point or show jumping event hire a company that strives to set a standard in the field of equestrian event medicine.

MMA - We are fortunate to have a doctor who is registered as a safer MMA practitioner - this means we can arrange medicals either through attending our base in Hove or if a few fighters need assessing we could come to you - blood tests, heart tracings all can be carried out. Aside from the pre-fight medicals we can provide cover for any martial arts event from children's judo through to professional cage fighting.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a quality service, be it event cover, ambulance transport or as a training provider.

We will give the customer peace of mind that their event or transport is on time and of suitable qualification and professionalism.

We will provide training to HSE standards giving confidence in the trainee to use their skills effectively and confidently.

Our staff are trained, motivated, professional, uniformed and provided with identification, with photograph and details of their qualification.

We believe it is not good enough to think you are the best but to be the best.