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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is your ambulance a real one
A: Yes, our ambulances are all ex NHS and are kitted to the same level with the same staff qualifications

Q: Why are your prices more then other companies
A: We heavily invest in our staff and equipment, making sure you have the right level of cover with equipment that works and is not just for show is our top priority. We wont sacrifice safety to lower our costs.

Q: Can I book you for just part of our cover
A: Yes, we know most of the companies in the area and are happy to work with a majority of them. There are a few who we are not happy to work alongside as we believe they do not have standards or ethics comparable to ours.

Q: You only do medical cover, what about security and fire cover
A: Although we don't cover this area we do have companies who we are happy to recommend and work alongside.

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